What motivates us to act?

Today was our final ‘think tank’ for 2010! What a wonderful group of women who gathered to share in the experience. The question posed for this event was ‘what motivates us to act’? (self, prospects, clients, colleagues & those around us). As always women were asked to bring something to the WiSE table to share. Today guests were asked to bring their response to this popular question.

Firstly, each of us got to meet some new people and a wonderful openness and warmth was created in the group instantly so our conversations were honest and meaningful from the outset.

After our welcome and introductions the think tank topic was facilitated by Dominique Beck PhD who generously shared some brilliant insights from her studies in neuroscience and some thought-provoking excerpts from the following texts  ‘A Return to Love: Reflections on the Principles of A Course in Miracles‘ by Marianne Williamson, ‘The Power of Intention: Learning to Co-create Your World Your Way‘ by Dr Wayne W. Dyer and ‘The Art of Possibility:Transforming Professional and Personal Life‘ by Rosamund Stone Zander and Benjamin Zander. All of which resonated strongly with everyone at the table.

Dominique spoke about how the brain wires and can re-wire itself creating new and smooth pathways and thus breaking old habits. Everything we spoke about related to our topic and for a two hour time frame we certainly covered some depth in our topic (and more).  Dominique gave us a practical ‘take-away’ explaining the SCARF (Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness) model in relation to all that we had discussed. The idea behind this, as explained by Dominique, is to “maximise reward and minimise threat“. The model comes from David Rock. You can read more via the link below.

We covered so many ideas such as meeting deadlines, choosing to put ourselves under pressure to act, effects of productivity, pleasure or pain options of motivation, being ‘active’ versus being ‘busy’, ‘thinking’ versus ‘not thinking’, supporting more effective relationships, education, cultures,  self-management, management of relationships with others and so much more. All of course with high quality input from guests!

At the end of WiSE Think Tanks we ask everyone to share their ‘take-aways’ from the gathering. These are some of them.

Affirmation that we are all connected and it’s fine to be quiet and peaceful” Suzanne Skillen

Self-management … look at whether pain or pleasure is motivating me” Katie Perry

Gratitude!” Dominique Beck

Totally enjoyed the gathering and experience” Megan Donald

Lots to reflect on, which will be very useful” Angela Brown

To acknowledge people more in the little things they do” Rose Cox

Change needs 90 days!” Helen Crozier

The take-away keywords for me today were gratitude, passion, SCARF & ‘fairies’ … sorry but you just had to be there ” Michelle McCallum

October WiSE Testimonials

Lovely group & excellent topic discussed – very helpful” Helen Crozier HelenCrozier.com

Another inspiring WiSE event and great to meet more wonderful women” Rose Cox PurpleProdigy.com

What a wonderful, inspiring group of women! Amazing how we could get to such a depth of sharing in only 2 hours. Thank you” Angela Brown CalmByNature.com

This was my first WiSE event and I really enjoyed connecting with different women from different backgrounds but with one goal of sharing and support” Megan Donald PittwaterTherapies.com.au

Lovely way to spend a couple of hours connecting with a group of beautiful women.” Suzanne Silken, Wishes Walks Wellbeing

Thank you so much, Michelle! A great morning – as always!” Dominique Beck tappingforwellbeing.com

No matter how busy life/work is getting a group of women together is inspiring, fun and a MUST” Katie Perry KatiePerry.com.au

What a fabulous group of women! Thank you for your generosity of spirit, sharing and connecting so warmly and effortlessly.” Michelle McCallum ColourDesignStudio.com.au

A special thanks goes to Dominique Beck for so thoughtfully facilitating the October WiSE think tank today. Dominique has such a friendly and supportive way of working with individuals and groups to bring out the best in each person utilising the wealth of expertise and experience she has gained over the years of study and working with people.

WiSE truly is about gaining information (professional and personal), supporting each other and being supported, and making quality connections. Thank you to all of the women who’ve participated in WiSE think tanks and events over the last 8 years. It motivates me to act WiSEly!

The next WiSE event, ‘Celebrate 2010?, is scheduled for Tuesday, November 30 (6:00pm – 9:00pm).

Thanks also to Lesley and Jude at The Greedy Goat, Palm Beach for providing a great space.

To learn more about David Rock’s SCARF model click here

All WiSE events are proudly organised and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

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