Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2011

On Friday, May 27 we hosted the 7th WiSE  Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea (ABMT) at the beautiful new Hawthorn Mosman at 707 Military Rd, Mosman. 44 guests registered (a full house for Hawthorn) for this special morning of French sparkling wine, seasonal fruit, freshly made scones and berry jam (the latter something Hawthorn has become well known for).

My personal fund raising goal for Cancer Council in 2011 was $3000. I decided to host 2 events to reach this goal. Many family members and friends are not able to attend our annual weekday event so I hosted a private morning tea at our Pittwater residence on Sunday, May 22. This casual event raised a healthy $760. Besides raising funds we enjoyed a healthy homemade morning tea.

To reach my goal this meant that we had to raise $2240 on the following Friday. Fortunately, there were some generous and thoughtful people in attendance. Due to this we raised $3440 on the day!  A huge heartfelt thank you to those generous people who kindly donated funds to assist Cancer Council in the wide ranging work they do in research, education and support for various cancer treatments and programs.

There are many thank yous for this year’s event … thank you to …

  • Sean and Helen Byrne, owners of Hawthorn Mosman, who supported our fund raiser in so many ways
  • our guest speaker, Giselle Cooke, from Lotus Health in Neutral Bay, for an engaging and thought provoking presentation on integrative medicine
  • Lesley, Helen Byrnes’ mother, who kindly knitted our special auction item set of a tea cosy and hot water bottle cover. Thanks to Stel Cusmiani from Angove Family Winemakers for being the highest bidder!
  • the many enterprises who donated over $4000 worth of prizes for our raffle, prize drawer and auction
  • everyone who bought raffle tickets and donated in the general donations to Cancer Council !!!

Thanks to these enterprises who donated prizes and donated generously to Cancer Council:

Thanks to these enterprises who donated prizes:

Scroll down to view some of the photos from the morning tea.

Some take-aways from our morning tea:

‘I met some interesting women, women who also work alone and benefit from networking’, ‘there are “options” should the worst news be delivered, ‘better understanding of cancer recovery’, ‘more knowledge about integrated oncology & hope for cancer patients’ ‘to trust my instincts’, ‘listen to my own body’, ‘be even more proactive about my health’, ‘really need to further improve on looking after self & kids and share the message’, ‘information, new friends and contacts’, ‘confirming, yes I have the power to take control of my health’, ‘interested to come again’, ‘there are more choices in cancer management and treatment’, ‘more knowledge, new friends’, ‘stay positive’, ‘be proactive about your own health’, ‘loved networking with other business owners and thought Giselle’s talk was excellent & interesting’, ‘the power of choice’, ‘seek out integrated medicine’, ‘stay positive and have regular check-ups’, and ‘there are some very thoughtful and generous people in the WiSE community’.

Some testimonials from our morning tea:

“What a fantastic event. The food, the guests and the speaker. It wasn’t long enough”. Sally Osborne, Belle Property Mosman

“Thanks Michelle for another inspiring and heart felt event. And all for a good cause”. Ana Brandao, Living in Harmony

“Another warm and informative event about the essentials of life and life management”. Lyn Morehen, Tallulah Landscapes

“This was an excellent opportunity to meet like-minded women and be inspired by a inspirational speaker. An excellent event”. Bernadette Brennan, Premier Home Finders

“Wonderful event – from the heart. I thoroughly enjoyed the great speaker and the venue. All for a good cause as well. Thank you Michelle”. Marika Martinez, Womens Own Adventure

“An inspired event, practical and current thinking”. Pamela Bennett SPRE Pty Ltd

“Difficult but necessary topic that was delivered with grace and compassion and has opened my eyes wider”. Kirstie White, Envy Branding and Design

“A lovely way to spend a morning giving to a worthwhile cause”. Megan Thomas, Gayle Walker Real Estate

“Absolutely great, will come again”. Beata Steiner, Beata Steiner Shiatsu

“Giselle is an amazing woman & great to learn there are more alternatives for cancer research”. Belinda Grist, Design Avenue

“Loved the presentation – great information that held my interest throughout”. Sharon Turton, Journey Naturopath

“Giselle is an enthusiastic and engaging presenter with a fantastic topic”. Veronica Rickard, Stanton Furnishings

“A lovely way to connect and learn”. Nikki Cooper, Xpress Web Video

“A wonderful event to support a worthy cause. Fun & worthwhile.” Steliano Cusmiano, Angove Family Winemakers

“A great way to socialise with other woman in business and support cancer.” Anna Keusgen, The Health Practise

“Really enjoyed Giselle Cooke. Her positiveness & enthusiasm really inspired me”. Marcella Zemanek

“What a great morning! Perfect weather, stunning venue and surrounded by wonderful people. Thanks for being part of our 7th ABMT”. Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio

Photos from our morning tea:

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Hawthorn Mosman

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Beata, Emily & Jo

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Leila, Ana & Emma

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Nikki, Isabelle & Marcella

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Barbara, Gayle & Martina

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Tanya, Stel & Joyce

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Pamela, Lyn & Kirstie

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Sally, Megan, Anna & Bernadette

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Sharon, Angela & Loretta

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Guests enjoying morning tea & social networking 1

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Guests enjoying morning tea & social networking 2

WiSE Australia's Biggest Morning Tea in Mosman

Giselle Cooke engages guests in her talk

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