Be | Become | Belong | Bond

In this post: take aways, testimonials, photos & prizes!

Thank you to our April attendees for braving the wet weather and joining us in Mona Vale on Thursday evening to attend the branding presentation delivered by Hana Guenzl from Deep Vision addressing the power of the 4B’s … ‘Be | Become | Belong | Bond’ .

Prior to the presentation we had plenty of time to mingle and meet each other. It’s always such a pleasure to reacquaint with those I’ve known for a while as well as welcome new guests to our gatherings.

Following this opportunity of social networking. Hana delivered a great amount of information through models and case studies.

Some of the content from the evening included:

  • new world marketing
  • traditional marketing vs new marketing
  • new tools, methods & techniques
  • our customer is our partner, friend & even competitor
  • relational & experiential marketing
  • creativity & idea generation
  • the four business personalities and so much more!

This was followed by a group discussion on branding where we got to hear about individuals’ branding experiences. It was fascinating to hear how different people approach branding.

Some of the ‘take-aways’ from the evening were:

‘think like my consumer’, ‘people matter most’, it’s about your customers and what you can do for them’, ‘I need to work on my branding statement’, ‘really enjoyed meeting women in business …’, ‘to become more passionate and express ourselves’, ‘keep building my brand essence’, ‘inspiration’, ‘rethink’, ‘check-in on my new branding’, ‘it’s all about experience & caring for your clients’, ‘I enjoyed making quality connections’.

Some testimonials from the evening were:

“Informative and thought provoking. Hana’s passion for branding is addictive!” Sarah-Anne Evans KarmeaFitness

“Hana is a passionate presenter with a deep knowledge of branding which rubs off on you”. Geoff Grist

“Hana is a very passionate professional & passionate branding expert. You can feel her passion behind every word & action”. Martina Grabner

“Enjoyed Hana’s story telling”. Emma Veiga-Malta Bespoke Art

“Informative”. Jan Littlejohn Ceremonies with Style

“I really enjoyed coming tonight and look forward to the next one”. Caz Ogden ing homewares & giftware in Avalon & Mona Vale

“Thanks for the insight & expertise this was perfect timing and information to launch my re-brand thanks!” Belinda Grundy BG Homestyling

“What an eclectic group of people. I thoroughly enjoyed making quality connections with everyone. I found the thought of ‘customer can be a competitor’ interesting as collaboration is  a very hot topic at the moment”. Michelle McCallum Colour Design Studio

Here are a few photos from the evening …

women in business networking event in Pittwater northern beaches

Sal & Kirstie

women in business networking event in Pittwater northern beaches

Caz & Katrin

women in business networking event in Pittwater northern beaches

Belinda & Geoff

women in business networking event in Pittwater northern beaches

Megan & Maureen

women in business networking event in Pittwater northern beaches

Hana & Martina

women in business networking event in Pittwater northern beaches

Katrin, Caz, Sol & Sarah Anne

Hana kindly organised some prizes for the evening. The fortunate recipients were:

Sarah Anne Evans  from Karmea Fitness who won an organic skin care pack from Purestuf

Maureen Wildman from Sureline Graphics who won a Gucci scarf from Ussedand Abbussed

Emma Veiga-Malta from Bespoke Art who won a ‘Free Branding Health Check Consultation’ from Deep Vision

All guests received a ‘$100 off’ voucher from Moi Moi Jewellery.


All WiSE events are proudly organised and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

Principal of Colour Design Studio

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