Ignorance is No Defence

On Monday night a group of us gathered in Avalon to listen to a presentation prepared and delivered by Joanna Oakey from Aspect Legal. Joanna developed this presentation into an interactive and informative evening of discussion on content relating to the rights and responsibilities around intellectual property (IP), in general, but in particular for SME’s.

We covered legal content such as:

  • copyright (and moral rights)
  • trademarks
  • infringements
  • case studies
  • protecting our rights, brands and self
  • defamation and more

Here are a few general comments about the evening:

“So full of relevant information! I really felt a free exchange of ideas”. Elisa Townsend

“Very interesting and certainly appropriate to my interests”.  Jodie Holmes

“Great sharing of information, examples, ideas and support. Incredibly thought-provoking content especially for ‘new marketing’ when utilising social media”. Michelle McCallum

WiSE think tank ‘take-aways’:

“There is too much to list”. Elisa Townsend

“All of this was very helpful”. Helen Crozier

“Get myself protected”. Emma Veiga-Malta

“Some comprehensive checkpoints to my business legal situation. Pitched well to our situation”. Belinda Grundy

“Better flow & clear process when communicating with my clients. Update my terms of business”.  Jodie Holmes

“A clear and concise understanding of the language required to exercise the rights and responsibilities of protection for small business”. Michelle McCallum

Testimonials from the evening:

“What a wonderful evening, it was so helpful and Joanna was so open and full of great information”. Elisa Townsend The Finance Team

“Great topic, learnt a lot! Speaker was very generous. Loved the venue”. Helen Crozier Helen Crozier

“Joanna is very enthusiastic about the content and I have learnt a lot tonight”. Emily Griffiths Emily Griffiths

“Fascinating, informative & a little bit scary!” Emma Veiga-Malta Bespoke Art

“Thanks Joanna for a very comprehensive legal overview for my business. I’ve got some great ideas to implement too”. Belinda Grundy BG Property Styling

“Tonight’s event had fantastic content & was well worth coming along! Very pleased I came along!” Jodie Holmes Seaside Creative

“Joanna’s approach to small business needs is highly professional. Joanna demonstrated how to protect our own IP and how to be mindful of the IP of others whilst dealing with prospects and clients in a professional and communicative way. The content and discussion on the use of social media was of great value”.  Michelle McCallum Colour Design Studio

All WiSE events are proudly organised and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

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