The Formula for Actioning your Goals

On Tuesday evening a group of women gathered in the beautiful new space of Emma Veiga-Malta’s Bespoke Art at 40 Ourimbah Rd in Mosman to learn the goal actioning formula Suzanne Skillen from Wishes Walks Wellbeing has utilised throughout her life.

The evening began with women enjoying the most stunning bespoke artwork on display on the walls and chairs! We truly felt the sense of being in an artists’ space and gallery. There we enjoyed some bubbles, canapes and relaxed social networking. We all got to meet someone new!

It was then time to hear from our guest speaker. Besides sharing the formula for successfully realising her dreams, Suzanne spoke openly and warmly about her experiences from her earliest years and how they affected her choices in life. How they drove her to always follow her dreams. We heard the most amazing stories about how Suzanne once dreamt about: being a ballerina (and was then the youngest girl, at the age of 10, to be accepted into a London ballet school) and meeting a princess (then later in life worked with Lady Diana Spencer).  There was also a story about how Suzanne worked with Formula 1 racing drivers! Suzanne shared other stories of what drove her to aspire to always dream, have an undying belief in those dreams, take action regularly to work towards her dreams and to be grateful for what she had in her life and be proud of what she has achieved.

Suzanne uses the C.B.A.G. formula which she gave a detailed explanation of through examples, story telling and asking guests to interact by sharing their dreams and experiences. Put very briefly: C – create, B – believe, A – act, G – gratitude. There was much more detail and depth about each part of this model as well as guests sharing the techniques and tips they’ve used to set and achieve goals and realise big, juicy dreams .

There were many take-aways from the evening. Here are some of them.

“Don’t forget what you are working for”, “ensuring I constantly revisit my goals & think big beyond the now!”, “inspiration”, “ignore the dream stealers”, “be positive”, “keep on dreaming”, “everyday act toward my dream”, “dare to set big, juicy dreams and act on them daily” and “fresh ideas”.

Testimonials from the evening:

“A wonderful group of welcoming, inspiring women who support you in achieving your dreams. And Bespoke Art is a beautiful shop.” Lisa Perkins

“Suzanne has so much energy it’s impossible not to feel inspired and revived” Emily Griffiths

“Excellent topic and inspiring delivery” Hana Guenzl

“Great people, great connections”. Rosemary Manners, Harmony Pharmacy

“Suzanne positively glows with inspiration” Emma Veiga-Malta

“A wonderful speaker & excellent information to make dreams become a reality”. Rosie Netterfield

“Inspirational & calming.” Lyn Morehen

“Suzanne’s talk was a pleasure to attend and personally so inspiring – thank you!” Belinda Grundy BG

“What a perfect space Bespoke Art was for an evening of talking about goals and dreams. Reminds me of my 2011 goal for creativity! A great evening.” Michelle McCallum

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Here are a couple of  photos from the evening. I completely forgot to take photos until the very end … after most guests had left. Here’s what I did capture.

women in business networking event in Mosman

Emma & Suzanne

women in business networking event in Mosman

Suzanne, Lisa, Emily & Hana

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