Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea 2013

On Friday, May 24 we hosted our 9th WiSE (my 10th) Australia’s Biggest Morning Tea and raised a healthy $2040 for Cancer Council research, education and support services. This takes the total for funds raised at WiSE gatherings to $15,605.  A huge thank you to those who donated!

Our topic this year was ‘Holistic Health & Wellbeing’. Our guest speaker, Anthia Koullouros from OVViO Organic Health & Lifestyle Store designed and delivered a presentation entitled My Daily Rhythm - A day in the life of health!  Anthia is a Naturopath, Herbalist, Homeopath, Organic Health, Food & Lifestyle Educator. Read on to view ‘take-aways’, comments and testimonials from the event.

This was our third year of hosting at Hawthorn Mosman however our first time working with the new owners Mirko and Massimo.

There were some brilliant prizes donated for our raffle, prize draw and live auction. We’d like to thank the following people and enterprises for their contribution to our fundraiser.

OVViO Organic Health & Lifestyle StoreOur beautiful auction item, a ‘Winter Wellness Package’ was kindly donated by Anthia from OVViO Organic located at 2 Heeley St, Paddington (5 Ways). It consisted of:

  • Sunday Roast Herb Blend
  • Vanilla Bean Powder
  • Olive Winter Wellness Tea
  • Rose Water Spray
  • Jojoba Face & Body Oil
  • Hydrating Cream
  • Blue Rose Bath Salt
  • Rise & Shine Tea

Thank you to Louise Fanning from Happy Belly Nutrition for being our highest bidder!

Thank you to Gayle Walker from Gayle Walker Real Estate for being our charity auctioneer.

Thank you to Annette Swann from Wellness Forte for donating 2 prizes! The first being a 4 x 1 hour 1:1 coaching sessions – to achieve the aspirations either in your personal life and or for your business. The second being a ‘Winter Resilience Booster’ program for 1 which includes: 2 x 1:1 personal success coaching sessions plus 1 naturopathic nutritional consultation, a personalised menu plan and 1 recovery yoga session from the accredited Wellness Forte team.

Annette Swann

Thank you to Eleanor Godley from Honeydew Photography for donating a Boudoir photography session and print.

Thank you to Robyn Gibbes from Cascada Eco Textiles for donating a dark chocolate Cashllama (100% pure Llama) wrap, hand crafted by Andean artisans under registered Fair Trade and Sustainable practices. As soft as Cashmere but warmer without the pilling. Machine wash and dry.

Thank you to Trudy Simmons from Virtual Organiser for donating 2 hours for a “mind declutter”.  We will work out priorities and an action plan for your business or home.

Thank you to Helen Crozier, Business Productivity Genius, for donating a ‘3000 Second Productivity Review’ in person or by phone.

Thank you to Jane Copeland from Coping with Jane for donating a copy of her new e-book ‘Boardroom to Baby’.

Thank you to Leila Lutz from Momentum for Life for donating a Semi-Private Training (Group of 4) + Mini Assessment.

Thank you to Jan Osmond from Pr1orities Pty Limited for donating a Wellbeing “BLITZ” Program. This is the perfect gift for you, or someone you care about, who wants to improve their health and wellbeing.  It includes s ix, one-hour, one-on-one phone coaching sessions over 12 weeks to support you as you implement and maintain lasting change in an area of life currently challenging you. Learn to reduce stress, lose weight, improve relationships, gain better work/life balance, maintain optimal health or simply live life more fully.

Jan Osmond Pr1orities

Thank you to Maureen Wong for donating 2 prizes! They are each 2 x Acupuncture, Reflexology or Energy Healing sessions at Green Square Clinic in St Leonards.

Thank you to Loretta Walford from Ameliorate Human Change Consulting for donating 2 hours face to face or Phone/Skype Coaching or Counselling with Loretta.

Thank you to Simon Hunter from Hunter Handyman for donating 2 hours of free handyman work in the Manly/Mosman area, at your home or place of business.

Thank you to Liz Macdonald from The Art Club for donating either 2 workshops or a workshop for 2 friends (for children over 5 years of age) to her July ‘Clay’ workshop.  Liz also runs art classes for adults.

Thank you to Kim Stokeld from Jaspar Rose, who produces everyday hats, for donating a ‘Lulu’ hat.

Some ‘take-aways’ from our morning tea:

 “A great morning of sharing and supporting an  important cause.”

“Balanced view on health. Winter cleanse.”

“Taking care of yourself and mindfulness.”

“It’s your own choice to be healthy.”

 “Great info from Anthia.” “Contact details for Anthia.”

“Good new friends and connections. A feeling of contribution.”

“I feel a bit more educated about how important keeping healthy is.”

“Learning about natural foods and connecting with like-minded women.”

“Some great contacts that may turn into friendships.”

“Lovely way to meet interesting women.”

“New awareness of wholefoods.”

  Some testimonials form the morning:

“What a fantastic way to meet like-minded women, swap experiences and have a laugh. Thank you for organising it Michelle.” Louise Fanning Happy Belly Nutrition

 “A great opportunity to meet other local women in business & enjoy a great speaker!” Nikola Ellis Adore Yoga

 “Nothing like meeting and connecting with passionate women. Thank you Michelle.” Robyn Gibbes Cascada Eco Textiles

 “Michelle’s events are always wonderfully run and you feel cared for, welcomed and included. This event was no exception. I met some wonderful, interesting women.” Lisa Perkins Avatar Course

“Great informative speaker, lovely group of people for a fantastic cause.” Jessica Hansor Bennett Property Management

“A beautiful way to connect with like-minded business women.” Leila Lutz Momentum for Life

“Michelle has created another fantastic event. Thank you for putting it together – very enjoyable.” Belinda Grundy BG Property Styling

“Wonderfully organised, great group to connect with.” Annette Swann Wellness Forte

“Lovely and informative presentation by Anthia. Great venue and friendly women. Thank you.” Kim Stokeld Jaspar Rose

“Thanks to Anthia for so generously sharing your knowledge, experience and insights about your food and lifestyle philosophy with us in support of our fund raiser. Also, for challenging our thinking about being mindful on a daily basis of more than just what we ingest. Your holistic approach is thought provoking.” Michelle McCallum Colour Design Studio

All WiSE events are proudly organised and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

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