WiSE Online

As part of our 12th year celebrations, in 2014, we are now hosting webinars. Go to WiSE Online to see what webinars are currently being hosted.

Mosman WiSE

Mosman WiSE events occur from February to November in 2014. Go to Mosman WiSE for more event details.

In 2013 we will host a range of events including WiSE Salons, Think Tanks, Exchanges and Webinars.

A ‘salon’ is is a gathering of like-minded people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to educate and partly to offer support and increase the knowledge of guests through conversation and quality discussion.

WiSE Salons are hosted by Michelle McCallum. They are highly interactive and include guest facilitators with conversations on topics of interest to our network.

WiSE salons also allow plenty of time for social networking and making quality connections.

Pittwater WiSE

Pittwater WiSE events occur throughout 2014. Go to Pittwater WiSE or more event details.

This year will be our 12th year of hosting WiSE think tanks. Think tanks are researched-based groups. Our think tanks are about business topics and are an exchange of knowledge, information, policy, strategies, resources and most importantly include quality conversation and discussion.

WiSE think tanks are facilitated by educator and trainer Michelle McCallum.

WiSE think tanks also allow plenty of time for social networking and making quality connections.

Social Networking Events

Other special events are planned throughout 2014 to celebrate WiSE reaching double figures! Subscribe to our guest list to receive invitations to attend future events and our e-newsletter WiSE WORDS about what’s on and more.

‘First Friday at 5′ (#FFat5) social networking events occur on the first Friday of each month from 5:00pm – 6:30pm. Go to First Friday at 5 for more details. 

#FFat5 began in 2010 and continues to offer women and gentlemen a water cooler-type opportunity to meet-up regularly to make quality connections in a relaxed and unstructured context.

You can subscribe to be on this invitation guest list via email. Otherwise, follow @FirstFridayat5 on Twitter for notification of upcoming events.

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