Ignite 2012!

The Ignite 2012! event was about the goals, outcomes and intentions we have for this year. Many people set ‘new years’ resolutions without firstly establishing what it is they want to achieve. To realise a resolution you need to set and achieve a goal. Once a goal is achieved it becomes a resolution (something that you do out of habit or routine). Without this fore-thought and preparation we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves with the potential of reaching a state of overwhelm quickly and dropping any intentions of working towards our targets.

So February seemed to be the perfect month to discuss goals, outcomes and intentions plus their place and purpose in our personal and professional lives.

We began by discussing the power and language of setting goals, outcomes & intentions. We explored the value in setting and executing goals, the ‘life-cycle’ of goals and so much more. This think tank was highly interactive with lots of valuable input from all guests. Here are some of the outcomes from the morning.

WiSE take-aways from today’s think tank:

“Inspiration, motivation, some practical ideas”.  Angela Brown, Calm by Nature.

“It’s important to focus my time better”. Emily Fitton, Punch Buggy.

“Don’t procrastinate over small tasks. Take time out to do something for your self; something creative and relaxing”. Veronica Rickard, Stanton Mosman.

“To remind myself on a daily basis to include enjoyable personal activities”. Helen Crozier, Helen Crozier.

” … use SMART Goals. Very relaxed & fun. Loads of ideas exchanged”. Jan Littlejohn, Ceremonies with Style.

“The power of outcomes and intentions. Allocating time for the activities we want and need to do daily. Celebrate realised outcomes!”  Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio.

Testimonials from Ignite 2012!

“Today’s event was bright & punchy! I feel inspired to go home & put some of the ideas into practice now”.  Angela Brown, Calm by Nature.

“WiSE events always clear my head and help me focus on my goals”. Emily Fitton, Punch Buggy.

“Just talking about goals is helpful in focussing one’s own work & leisure goals. Very helpful ideas and suggestions”. Veronica Rickard, Stanton Mosman.

“Great gang of gorgeous girls generously giving wisdom”. Helen Crozier, Helen Crozier.

‘WiSE events in this format are very worthwhile attending. Small groups are best”. Jan Littlejohn, Ceremonies with Style.

“I thoroughly enjoyed the interactive discussion amongst the group. There is always such a great sense of sharing at the WiSE table. Thank you to all the attendees for once again sharing so much so generously “. Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio.


All WiSE events are proudly organised, hosted and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

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