Pure Productivity in Pittwater

Thank you to all of the wonderfully generous women who participated in the Pittwater WiSE ‘pure productivity think tank’ in Palm Beach this morning (also, thanks to the friendly & photogenic kookaburra who flew in to join us … photo courtesy of Kathryn Glendenning). It was a very productive session for information, support and making quality connections.

WiSE productivity think tank event
Kookaburra joins WiSE in Palm Beach


A great definition of productivity is “yielding positive results”. So our think tank involved  collaboration of sharing many ideas of how women in small enterprise can ‘yield positive results’.

In a short space of time we shared a wealth of tips, tools, techniques and other resources to utilise to make ‘work time’ more productive to allow time for all of the other things in life. Afterall, it’s about life balance!

To name just a few: Omnifocus software (for personal task management), follow Julie Morgenstern on Twitter, David Allen free podcasts, Stylebook app, “Master your Workday Now” by Michael Linenberger and The Pomodoro Technique. There were many, many more resources, tips etc discussed but ‘you just had to be there’ :-)

Here’s what Pittwater WiSE guests had to say about the mid-morning gathering:

“I appreciate being with smart, knowledgeable women learning and sharing ideas and tips”. Fiona Pearman www.BrandIllumination.com.au

“Thank you Michelle. Really found great benefit in attending and enjoyed the interaction”. Dominique Beck  www.tappingforwellbeing.com

“Stimulating topic and envigorating group”. Kathryn Glendenning  www.Glendenning Property.com.au

“As always a lovely group of women thanks Michelle”. Helen Crozier www.BusinessProductivityGenius.com

“Always great to get together in a relaxed atmosphere with other women in business”. Rose Cox www.PurpleProdigy.com

The first WiSE event I attended was great – met new people and learnt a lot”. Claire Lane www.UrbanAssistant.com.au

“Everybody contributed so much in personality, knowledge and experience”. Robin Powis www.DefiningStyle.com.au

“Great to meet others & share ideas and learn how others view/experience work productivity”. Dianne Green www.Visionled.com.au

“Today was a great way to start a Friday – talking with inspiring women and gaining valuable insights”. Lindsay Asquith wwwWomen2Work.com.au

“A lovely, supportive & friendly group – good advice & experiences”. Kaye Panni

“Thank you to everyone who participated. You each brought such great reminders, new ideas and such warmth and generosity to our gathering. Thanks for making it such a great morning”. Michelle McCallum www.ColourDesignStudio.com.au

The next Pittwater WiSE event is scheduled for Friday, October 29 (9:30am – 11:30am).

A special thanks to Lesley and Jude at The Greedy Goat, Palm Beach for looking after us. It’s great to be able to support other women in small enterprise!

All WiSE events are proudly sponsored and supported by Colour Design Studio

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