Reveal your Inner Superwoman & Empower Her!

The term ‘superwoman’ can polarise people for different reasons. A bit like the glass ceiling … perhaps it’s only there if you can see or fell it!

We love to provoke thought and encourage discussion at our events. So WiSE decided to be bold and host this event. We’re so pleased we did!

‘Support’, besides information and making connections, is an integral part of what makes the WiSE community tick. We love to support women in small enterprise in a myriad of ways. This event gave us the chance to support two women who have recently put together a workshop concept entitled ‘Reveal your Inner Superwoman‘. Sarah Anne Evans from Karmea Fitness and Marie Rowland from Talking Matters have combined their specialities to create this new workshop series to assist and empower women from all walks of life to (re)discover and enjoy their best life.

This was the first ‘salon’ event in our new series for 2012. Sarah Anne and Marie generously designed and delivered a wonderful evening allowing for thought, analysis, reflection and quality conversation. Thank you to Sarah Anne and Marie for preparing this event specifically for WiSE. Read on to see what our guests thought.

Superwomans Toolkit

Suzanne & Jodie

General comments from the evening:

“The Dynamic Duo hit the mark”.

“I found Sarah Anne and Marie both passionate & energizing”.

“Fabulous! Best ever!” “Amazing”.


Michelle, Marie & Emma

WiSE take-aways from this salon-style event:

“So much!! It was a fantastic evening”. Suzanne Murphy, The Baby Butler.

“Too many to list … However, replace one bad thing with one good to better serve ourselves”. Jodie Holmes, Seaside Creative.

“Small choices can make big changes”.  Suellen Hughes, The Kickstart Biz.

“CHOICE & it’s all there for us … Nurturing myself more. PRIORITISE me”. Gayle Walker, Gayle Walker Real Estate.

“It’s imperative to look after ourselves with quality care so we can be a support to those around us in our personal and professional worlds”. Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio.


Suellen, Christina, Cathy & Sarah Anne

Testimonials from the evening:

“Exceeded my expectations!” Suzanne Murphy, The Baby Butler.

“Tonight’s event was packed full of great tools to implement …” Jodie Holmes, Seaside Creative.

“Great to meet a genuinely lovely group of women … “.  Suellen Hughes, The Kickstart Biz.

“It was lovely camaraderie as always. The speakers & women formed a circle of friendship & knowledge which was invaluable. Great energy!” Gayle Walker, Gayle Walker Real Estate.

“Tonight was a great example of a WiSE salon event: great guests, great presenters, great topic, great energy and great outcomes! Thank you to everyone who participated in this special event”. Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio.


Gayle & Marie

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Thanks to Gayle Walker Real Estate for offering your space as our host site for this event.

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