Social Media Untangled

WiSE has been designing and hosting think tanks since 2002. Last night we hosted another in Mosman based on the top 5 social media platforms. It was a night of untangling allowing for great discussion, support, sharing, learning, discovery and ‘a-ha’ moments!


Here are a few general comments about the evening:

“Good pace and broad-based discussion.” Gay Flashman

“Loved the content.” Gayle Walker

“Really enjoyed the event. Great group and highly informative”. Megan Thomas

“Liked the informal style allowing everyone to share.” Debbie Eglin

“Open and honest discussion about the realities and relevance of social media for small business”. Michelle McCallum

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WiSE think tank ‘take-aways’:

“A new take on social media. Knowledge of each platform.” Megan Thomas

“Great insight into how small biz can tackle social media”. Gay Flashman

“Great interaction and new knowledge”. Gayle Walker

“The Pomodoro Technique!” Debbie Eglin

“Really valuable information about Twitter. Also helpful to hear about the type of content that is best suited for the different mediums.” Bernadette Brennan

“Deciding why to use social media – having a strategy and a plan.” Kim Hursky

“I’ll take away lots of new information on social media.” Veronica Rickard

“Tonight’s conversations reinforced that some of the international trends in social media are occurring locally.” Michelle McCallum

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Testimonials from the evening:

“Wonderful event that was thoughtfully prepared while being thought provoking and informative.” Megan Thomas

“An excellent informative evening that scratched the surface of social media. Looking forward to continuing the conversation further and digging deeper!” Bernadette Brennan

“Fabulous evening full of intelligent women sharing relevant ideas.” Debbie Eglin

“Good quality input covering a very broad topic & well managed by Michelle. Good fun atmosphere.” Gayle Walker

“WiSE has given me some great ideas to follow up with.” Tracy Adams

“It was very informative and a great way to start understanding social media.” Kim Husky

“Very interesting to hear the potential power of social media.”  Lucy Jones

“As usual it was a wonderful evening with interesting WiSE women who were welcoming and lovely to be with and to learn from”. Lisa Perkins

“An interesting group and topic and it would be useful to explore further.”  Veronica Rickard

“It’s been an absolute pleasure to organise and run think tanks for WiSE over the last 9 years. Last night was engaging and enjoyable as all attendees participated for mutual benefit. The evening and input helped untangle the perceived challenges of social media showcasing the wealth of opportunities. Thank you to those who who attended!” Michelle McCallum

Pomodoro Technique

Thanks to Gayle Walker for inviting WiSE to host this think tank in your Mosman office.

All WiSE events are proudly organised and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

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