What’s in your modern marketing mix?

I wanted to put this topic on the table due to conversations I’ve had with many women in small in enterprise over time. Anecdotally,  it seems that many business people (women in particular) are still to do the ‘mind shift’ from using ineffective traditional marketing to a more modern approach which utilises online marketing, as well as some highly effective traditional methods. Two things are true … firstly, every enterprise needs to utilise modern marketing methods in this technological age and secondly, every enterprise needs to design and implement a plan that is as unique as their enterprise is. This was the first event in the series we’ve put together for the year. Read on to see what guests had to say.

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The Original Marketing Mix

General Comments about the gathering:

“It’s wonderful how women connect so effortlessly in this environment”. “Loved the discussion & sharing”. “Smallness is good”.

WiSE take-aways from this think tank:

“There’s  a lot more to marketing than meets the eye”.  Ilse Cornelius, Jilske Photography.

“Marketing is an individual process for each company. Work out what works for you”. Emily Fitton, Punch Buggy.

“Get more organised, outsource, not waste time”. Ingrid Anderson, Refresh Counselling Centre.

“Renewed motivation”. Elizabeth Chapple, ECL Technology Group.

“Some good tips on what may work in my business”. Veronica Rickard, Stanton Mosman.

“Really need to focus & plan & promote”. Paloma Llamazares, Paloma Interiors.

“Planning -> get well organised & thinking ahead”. Micaela Becattini, Refresh Counselling Centre.

“Planning and looking at existent data to measure  trends with in business. Find avenues that are working & use them”. Sarah Anne Evans, Karmea Fitness.

“The modern ‘marketing mix’ conversation has really only just begun. There’s so much to this topic for small enterprise. The concept of ‘new media’ opens up a whole ‘new world’ of opportunity!” Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio.

Testimonials from the morning:

“Casual, interactive, informative and inspiring environment”. Micaela Becattini, Refresh Counselling Centre.

“The think tank offers  a personal and close environment to share and learn from each other”. Emily Fitton, Punch Buggy.

“Love the low key intimate setting. Lots of creative but useful ideas”. Sarah Anne Evans, Karmea Fitness.

“Great opportunity to meet other women working in small business who are in different industries”. Ingrid Anderson, Refresh Counselling Centre.

“It’s always great to get together with  a group of women and focus on one aspect of your business”. Ilse Cornelius, Jilske Photography.

“A very useful meeting with some good ideas to implement and great as a sole operator to connect with other small business people”. Veronica Rickard, Stanton Mosman.

“This was a great session because the group of women shared knowledge & experience which was relevant & will help me with my business”. Paloma Llamazares, Paloma Interiors.

“Great to meet such lovely motivated business ladies!” Elizabeth Chapple, ECL Technology Group.

“It’s always such  a pleasure welcoming women to the WiSE table to share tips, resources, strategies, techniques, technology etc. Everyone is always so generous. Thank you to those who participated.” Michelle McCallum, Colour Design Studio.

All WiSE events are proudly organised, hosted and sponsored by Michelle McCallum

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